COVID-19 Information

Updated: August 20, 2020

We have invested in a chemical fogger that sends out a mist that covers EVERYTHING inside the motor coach with a disinfecting solution. We use it before each tour, when everybody is off the bus during the tour, and after each tour.

We take each persons Temperature before they enter the motor coach (including the driver and guide) and if they have a temperature, they are asked to go home and we refund you for the trip.

Everybody is required to wear a mask.

Social Distancing in maintained on the bus during the trip.

Hand Sanitizer is used every time a person leaves and then returns to the bus.

Surfaces that receive frequent use (hand rails, door knobs, and such) are wiped with a disinfecting solution throughout the trip. 

Policy Changes with Covid-19 – this supersedes part of the policy listed in our brochure.

Covid-19 is causing many changes in how we do things in our lives and some of those changes will affect the travel industry.

From your part, when you ride a Freedom Tours NW motor coach:

  • Please pick a seat and keep that seat for the whole trip.
  • Wear a mask unless you have a medical reason not to.

We also highly encourage you to visit the CDC website that provides the most up-to-date information on Covid-19. Please visit the link:

On our part, we will continue to:

disinfect the motor coach several times before, during, and after each trip but more deeply.

We follow CDC recommendations.

Our employees will wear masks and continue to serve you with the same great service that Freedom Tours is known for, with your safety in mind.

Rescheduling:  We have been starting to hear from our vendors (hotels, tickets, airlines, theaters, restaurants, etc) so we will be calling you as soon as the office is staffed and open about rescheduled tours and refunds. We have many phone calls to make, and trips to postpone and if rescheduling is not an option, refund so please have patience with us. We do appreciate all the patience most of you have shown us so far.  

Your refund may be in a couple of forms including airline vouchers if your trip included an airline flight. Also if a vendor did not refund the total amount then we need to subtract that amount from your total. A small service fee may be included.

“In GOD We Trust”

Disclaimer: Most or all services are operated by subcontractors and we act as third party resellers. We are not responsible for any losses or inconveniences from other companies.